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Holes' Secret Gadget Museum
  Object    2019

Exercise: Table Tennis with Holes
   Object    2019


Mouse Year   Graphic    2020 

Here There and Everywhere   Graphic    Video    2019

Please Like Me     Book     2019 

The New Chinese   Video   2019

Photo Exhibition IDLE COLLAGE CRITIQUE   Postcard   2019

The vision of Lamb   Postcard   2019

Laundry   Book    Photograph    2019

Counting Umbrellas   Book    Photograph    2019
Music Automata 2   Graphic     2019

Music Automata 1   Graphic     2019

Rising Tide   Postcard    2019

新·商业空间大改造   Poster    2019

再见直接摄影   Poster    2019

求学求置忧国忧民建设家园回忆录   Book     2018 
Observing Objects   Book     2018

Observing Objects   Postcard    2018 
On the Street 2    Book     2018 

Honeywell Poster   Poster    2018

TADA    Branding    2018 

TMsearch   Branding    2018 

ZIGO Organic Sunflower Oil   Package    2018

Inno Talk   Graphic     2018

Red / Blue   Book    Photograph    2018

东京男子印象   Graphic     2018

Mark’s x Dream Labo. Travel Kit   Graphic     2017

Gift Box   Graphic     2017

Mountain   Object   2016

群 青・Ultramarine - print     3D   Video   2015
BLEND Typoface   Typography   Graphic     2016

WMM   Illustration     2016 
Cosmic Dust   Illustration     2016

Kana   Illustration     2016

Chinesische-Deutsch Kulturaustausche   Branding   2016

CC×DD   Graphic     2016

I:O   Graphic     2016

/.L_./   Graphic     2016

Spiral  Video   2016

Esonic3 - Wave Concerto   3D   Video   2015 
Brochure for CDI   Book     2015

UNIQLO Light Installation Concept   3D   Video   2015

OnionBook 2.0   Branding   2015
OnionBook 1.0   Branding   2015

Onionbook Web    Graphic     2015

YANNANJUN   Branding   2015

Fountain Willow Villa - en   Branding   2015

Cparking 2.0   Branding   2015
Cparking 1.0   Branding   2015

ZHIYI Academy   Poster     Branding   2015
Wave   Illustration     2015

群 青・Ultramarine   3D   Video   2014

The Last Moment Neon   Typography   3D   Video   2014

ooxx   Illustration     2014

DOs and DON’Ts in SFC   Graphic     2014

Sino-Finnish Centre web 2.0   Graphic     2014

Emotion Test App   Illustration     2014
Fruits   Illustration     2014

Emo-lab   Branding   2013

Design Harvest   Book     2013 
CDI Soul   3D   Video   2013

SFC Reservation System   Graphic     2013

IN|OUT   Graphic     2013

SFC web 1.0   Graphic     2013

UX study   Illustration     2013 
SFC People   Illustration     2013

Jam   Illustration     2013
Infographic for Tencent 2.0   Graphic     2013
Infographic for Tencent 1.0  Graphic     2013

Color Clock   Interation     2013

Chroma256 china   Interation     2013

PEDA   Branding   2013

D2 poster   3D   Video   Poster    2013

SFC Annual Report   Book     2012 

Winbarrier   Graphic     2012 

🔮 vIRtUal

Fictional Table 2019

Virtual Mounting Project  2019

Worm  2019

vIRtUal wOrLd dEsIgNEr


E Sonic3 is an atypical cross-media art performance by appealing to audience’s feeling with sound. It is a special customized space for 3D holographic sound at Shanghai 21st Century Minsheng Art Museum. The multiple art performances including light, video and show have constructed a multidimensional field in the triple context of sound, space and time. By integrating elements including real time radio, interactive audio and video, live capture of audio and video on social media, electronic music, E Sonic3 elaborates universe, city, people and emotions progressively.

Projection Screen and Space Design

The performance took palce in a Museum Hall, to hace the best experience of the 3D holographic sound system based on IOSONO; we used three 8*4.5 m projection screen and creat and immersive experience.